Laser Levels from the experts at Johnson Level®

Laser Levels are revolutionizing the construction industry, changing a two man job into a one man job, AND increasing speed and accuracy. Once you have dug a foundation using a laser level, installed a drop ceiling, or framed a room using a rotary laser level, your days of using spirit levels to frame out large construction jobs will be over. Johnson rotary laser levels, dot laser levels, straight line laser levels and other laser level products offer the most advanced laser level features and technology at a better price point than you will find from any other laser level manufacturer.

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Black&Decker® 16 Sizes. 1 Wrench.

Watch as Black & Decker® product manager, Martin Heckmann, demonstrates the innovation behind the NEW Ratcheting ReadyWrench, RRW100. The new ratcheting action makes common DIY tasks like assembling furniture or tightening a nut on a bike easy.

There are endless amount of projects you can do using the Ratcheting ReadyWrench, check out this video on how to update your shower.  Think of how easy each project can be by just using Black & Decker®’s  Ratcheting ReadyWrench!

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