Scotts® GrubEx®1

Scotts® Associate and Research Scientist Stuart discusses the life cycle of grubs and Japanese beetles and how you can control them.

The Overview

  • One Application Kills and Prevents All Season – Guaranteed.
  • Now Kills 25% More Grub Types (vs. original GrubEx).
  • Apply Spring to Late Summer – before insects hatch to prevent turf damage.
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What it Controls


  • White grubs (including larvae of):
    – Japanese beetles
    – Asiatic garden beetles
    – Aphodius spp.
    – European chafers
    – Green June beetles
    – May/June beetles
    – Nothern masked chafters
    – Oriental beetles
    – Southern masked chafters
  • Caterpillars (such as/including):
    – Armyworms
    – Cutworms
    – Sod webworms

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The Mobil 1 Oil Change

This simple guide-starring Bernard Juchli from Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage-will show you how to properly change the oil and filter of one of your most expensive and valuable possessions, your car.

If you love performance, you’ll love Mobil 1 — the world’s leading synthetic motor oil. Everyone from professional racecar drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart to ordinary drivers like Peter Gilbert, who reached 1 million miles in his Saab last year using Mobil 1, rely on it to provide outstanding advanced protection and performance.

Take a look at Mobil 1’s YouTube page for more expert advise when it comes to the oil in your car.  Check out their Facebook page to stay updated with the latest news about your favorite oil is used in everyday life.

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