Scotts® GrubEx®1

Scotts® Associate and Research Scientist Stuart discusses the life cycle of grubs and Japanese beetles and how you can control them.

The Overview

  • One Application Kills and Prevents All Season – Guaranteed.
  • Now Kills 25% More Grub Types (vs. original GrubEx).
  • Apply Spring to Late Summer – before insects hatch to prevent turf damage.
  • Learn more
  • See the video

What it Controls


  • White grubs (including larvae of):
    – Japanese beetles
    – Asiatic garden beetles
    – Aphodius spp.
    – European chafers
    – Green June beetles
    – May/June beetles
    – Nothern masked chafters
    – Oriental beetles
    – Southern masked chafters
  • Caterpillars (such as/including):
    – Armyworms
    – Cutworms
    – Sod webworms

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