Change your own Oil with Havoline® and Save

In today’s economy, I try to budget and save as much as I can. When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, the most popular words of wisdom are “change your oil regularly” and it’s popular for a reason.

Check out this video on how to Do-it-Yourself Today!

Havoline® motor oils are the only motor oils with Deposit Shield® that protects your engine against harmful deposits.  There are many benefits to getting your oil changed regularly, check out Havoline®’s website for more information.

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How to use Scotts® Turf Builder® EZ Seed®

How is your lawn looking?  Fall and spring are the best times to plant grass seed, because seed germinates best when temperatures are between 60°F and 80°F. Scotts® Turf Builder® EZ Seed® is guaranteed to grow anywhere! Dry, sunny areas, dense shade areas, wear & tear areas.

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How to Use

1. PREP – Prep by removing dead grass and loosening hard soil
2. APPLY – Apply until ground is only slightly visible for bare spots and about 50% covered for thin spots (EZ Seed will expand when watered)
3. WATER – Water until EZ Seed is completely soaked without pooling. When EZ Seed lightens, add more water!

Coverage Area

2 lb: 43 sq ft
3.75 lb: 80 sq ft
10 lb: 210 sq ft
20 lb: 420 sq ft


  • Unique combination of Scotts® high performance seed, premium continuous release fertilizer and Scotts® super-absorbent growing material
  • Growing material absorbs water like a sponge to surround the seed in a moist layer which protects seed from drying out and dying out
  • Fertilizer releases over time to ensure quick establishment and long term feeding
  • Don’t know when to water? EZ Seed® tells you. When the growing material turns light brown, it’s time to water
  • The rigid container and unique applicator makes the job easy as it spreads seed evenly
  • EZ Seed® is kid and pet friendly and is made from 96% of renewable materials and is 99.9% biodegradable

Do you have more questions about Scotts® Turf Builder® EZ Seed®?  Check out their website.  You can also check out Scotts® Facebook page for more great tips and tricks.

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Think Outside the Can.

Resist moisture and corrosion with high-quality Rust-Oleum Stops Rust® paints.

  • Superior coverage and durability
  • Tough, protective finish resists fading, cracking, chipping and peeling
  • Gloss, semi-gloss, flat, textured, satin, hammered, metallic and multicolor textured finishes available

Ideal For Use On:

Outdoor light fixtures
Patio furniture
Door hardware
Wheel barrows
Railings and mailboxes
Doors and window trim

Stop by Rust-Oleum®’s website or Facebook page for more project ideas. Shop local and save.