Paint Fast. Paint Smart. Wagner® Optimus, 5.4 GPH Power Painter

If you are looking for a fast, cost-effective way to add some spark to your home, you can paint like a pro with Wagner® Optimus, 5.4 GPH Power Painter. More and more homeowners are picking up tools and doing home improvements themselves. Even a coat of paint could add value to your home.  Do-it-Yourself Today and save!

Shop local and save $30 with a mail-in rebate. Please stop in to your local Hardware Hank and ask an expert for more details.

Not only can you paint your home, but you can also paint anything from your patio furniture to your creative projects.  You can paint, stain or even add sealers.

It is fast and simple.  All you have to do is point, spray and walk away.  Plus, no mess and easy clean up!

Once you are ready to start your project, check out this video for tips and techniques!  You can also check out Wagner®’s website for more information.


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