Planting Flowers with Osmocote® Soil

Osmocote® Planting Soil is a specially blended formula which provides in-ground flowers and vegetable plants with the necessary rich soil conditions and enough nutrition to feed up to six full months.

How to Use: For planting individual plants. (1) Mix with existing native soil. (2) Plant. (3) Water thoroughly. (4) Cover area with mulch. For amending existing beds apply a 2″ to 3″ layer and work into the top 6″ of soil, then plant.

When to Apply: Use when planting in-ground flowers, fruits & vegetables

How often to apply: Amend in-ground gardens annually

Where to Use: For In-Ground Planting of Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables

Coverage Area: Coverage Chart is on the back of the package

Benefits: Contains rich organic material including sphagnum peat moss.

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