Updating Bathroom and Replacing that Toilet

Has your toilet seen better days? Is it wasting water with every flush? Replacing your old, worn out, out-dated toilet with a new one is easier than you think. In this video we’ll give you the basics of removing and re-setting your toilet.

It will only take a couple hours to replace your old leaky toilet with a brand new one.  If you are looking to update your bathroom, replacing your toilet can be one of the best ways to add value to your home.

If you discover you have a leak in your toilet, don’t wait to get it checked out. As much as 80,000 gallons of water can be wasted each year by an undetected toilet tank leak. That’s more than 200 gallons of water going down the drain each day. Watch this video to help diagnose why your toilet is leaking … and how to fix it.

Try DuraGuard™ Kitchen & Bath Siliconized Acrylic Caulk is an advanced formula fortified with silicone for long-lasting flexibility and excellent adhesion to ensure a protective barrier against moisture. It provides a watertight seal around kitchen and bath fixtures and cures to an ultra-smooth, satin finish.  Check them out on Facebook for more!

Adheres To:
Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Marble, Glass, Plastic, Vinyl, Wood, Metal, Fiberglass

Use On:
Countertops, Vanities, Bathtubs, Sinks, Showers, Splashboards, Fixtures

• Provides a Durable, Watertight Seal
• Excellent Adhesion
• Paintable
• Easy Application
• Won’t Shrink or Crack
• Water Clean Up
• Low VOC
• Mold and Mildew Resistant
• Meets ASTM C834-05

Check out PlanitDIY’s website for more How-to Projects and stop in to your local Hardware Hank for expert advice.


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