Save Time + Save Money with Trimaco

Not only is it fast, but it is easy to use! Take a look at the video and see for yourself.

Trimaco’s Tape & Drape™ Pre-taped Masking Film is perfect protection for use in areas where straight lines are needed. Tape is applied along one edge of .5 mil high-density masking film. This film has a unique coating which helps create cling to the surface protected.

Trimaco has developed quality products from masking film, dropcloths, wipers, paint sundries and more. And no matter the category, our products are the standard for quality engineering and ease of use.

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Making Your Home More Energy Efficient with Sascho. Products that work.

An energy efficient home is good for both the planet and your wallet. Even the small steps can save you money and increase comfort in your home.

Sealing your home with caulk is  the simplest and most effective methods of weatherization. Without proper home sealing, many of the more labor-intensive and expensive measures may not yield a higher level of energy efficency because air leaks may still exist. Caulking is a preventative measure that can be done by most homeowners. Plus, it can save on costs that are typically incurred with other approaches to energy efficiency.

What kind of caulk should you use?  Check out Sashco’s website for all of your options.  You can also find them on Facebook for updates on products and projects for your home.

Common Air Leaks

  • around doors and windows (inside and outside);
  • places where brick and wood siding meet;
  • joints between the chimney and the siding;
  • between the foundation and the walls;
  • around mail chutes (inside and outside);
  • around electrical and gas service entrances, phone lines;
  • around outdoor water faucets and pipes;
  • where dryer vents pass through walls;
  • cracks in bricks, siding, stucco and foundation;
  • around air conditioners and central air units;
  • around vents and fans;
  • wherever two different materials meet.

Some other areas to you might want to consider include joints between walls and floors, and walls and ceilings, recessed light fixtures, return air vents, plumbing stacks, attic accesses, and any other surface cracks or gaps around the home.  When properly sealing these areas it is important to follow proper techniques to ensure the tightest, longest lasting seal.  Go to Sashco’s website and check out Caulking 101.

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Remove the Tough Stuff with Goof Off®

Everybody goofs up whether it’s the kids, adults, or professionals. We all make mistakes or spill from time to time and that is why every household, garage, workshop, homemaker, handyman or professional needs Goof Off® stain and spot remover. Goof Off® removes the tough messes that ordinary household cleaners can’t.

You will be amazed at how fast, easy and powerfully Goof Off® works to remove everything.  From dried paint to gummy, sticky messes including these tough soil removal challenges:

Find out more about Goof Off® on their website or find them on Facebook.  Check them on YouTube to see the proof!  Take a peek at the video below!

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Using your ShopVac®

Shop-Vac® Corporation is the recognized world leader in wet/dry vacuum cleaners.  There are many uses for your Shop-Vac® whether you are inside or out.

It is that time of year to get your lawn cleaned up for winter.  Did you know that Shop-Vac®  is taking the hard work out of yard work?  Check out this video on how to use your Shop-Vac® to clean your yard.

You can also use your Shop-Vac®  to pump water with a standard hose.  Take a look at this video to see a wet/dry vac with a built-in pump!

If you are looking for other ways to use your Shop-Vac®, click to view more demo videos on Shop-Vac®’s website.  You can also get more tips and tricks on Shop-Vac®’s Facebook Page!

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Insulate your home with 3M© and Save!

3M© Window Insulator Kits can help reduce air leaks in your home around windows. Find out how easy it is to install 3M Window Insulator Kits by checking out 3M©’s website.  You can find indoor or outdoor step by step instructions to help you Do-it-Yourself Today!

Shop local and save with a mail-in rebate from 3M©.  Ask your Hardware Hank expert for all the details.

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Save Time and Money, Automatically with CH Hanson

This is the new CH Hanson AUTOMATIC line of pliers and clamps. In this video CH Hanson shows how much time and money will save by having these great tools in your workplace. They are faster, easier and stronger then Irwin and that because they adjust automatically to any size object.

Take a look at what everyone thinks by checking out CH Hanson’s Facebook page.  Become a fan and stay up to date all all of their products and projects.  You can also check out their website for more information.

What do you think?  Does it pass your test on time?  Saving time on the little duties of your job can add up.  Stop into your local Hardware Hank and check one out. Ask an expert what they think and I am sure that they will know it is worth the investment.