How to: Paint a Diamond Pattern using ScotchBlue™

Create a classic diamond pattern on either a wall or a floor. By using various paint colors, the look can range from dramatic black and white to country chic using a rich gold and red color scheme.

Tools You’ll Need:

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape, Paint Brushes and/or Roller, Paint, Tape Measure, Putty Knife or 5-in-1 Tool, Roller Tray, and a Sharp Tool. Reminder that the right tape depends on the surface you are masking.  Find out which tape you will need before you start your project.

Click for a PDF guide or visit ScotchBlue™’s website for all the information you will need, along with other project ideas.  Become a fan on Facebook to check out all the creative ways you can use ScotchBlue™.

Good masking is the key to sharp, professional paint lines and an overall neat, finished look. A great paint job begins with knowing how to mask – which tape to use, how to mask properly and how to remove the tape. It also can help avoid rework by preventing paint drips, spatters and accidental brush strokes. Click to check out these quick and easy steps to achieve great results.

Stop into your local Hardware Hank to pick up everything you need.  There will be an expert waiting for you to answer all your questions.  Find a store near you today. Remember to shop local and save.


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