How to Install a Whole House Water Filter with PlanitDIY

Whether your water in your home comes from a well or from a municipal water supply, you want it to be clean, clear and you want it to taste good. But sometimes that is not the case. What can you do besides drinking bottled water or spending a money on a state-of-the-art water purification system, is install a whole-house water filter that will provide clean, clear water for all of your household needs.

Filtrete Filters water throughout your home, protecting your plumbing and appliances from Sand, Sediment, Silt, and Rust.  Check out Filtrete’s website to find the perfect filter for your home and needs.

PlanitDIY has made it simple to change your own water filter and feel more confident to Do-it-Yourself Today!  Check out the video or their website for step by step instructions along with photos to help! You can also find PlanitDIY on Facebook for more.

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Choosing a Johnson Level Laser

What kind of work is the laser level going to be used for?

Are you building decks or house foundations? Is the work indoors, outdoors, or maybe even a combination of both?


If you are indoors, you want a visible beam laser that can be used without an electronic laser receiver. These visible red and green beams are usually found on laser levels employed in interior work, such as drywall, drop ceiling installation, or partition installation. You will see red beam wavelengths of 650nm or 635nm. The human eye is more sensitive to the 635 wavelength than 670, and is even more sensitive to green light. Johnson laser levels have a green laser beam – what we call GreenBrite® technology which is 400% brighter than a red beam in ordinary laser levels.


If you are primarily outdoors, you will have to use a laser receiver, as even the brightest visible rotating beam will be lost in daylight. Infra-red light is invisible to the human eye, which means that an electronic laser receiver must be used. Infra-red beams are most often found on lasers employed for outdoor work, such as grading, trenching, or setting concrete forms.

Take a look at Johnson Level’s website for more and find them on Facebook to stay updated.

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Longer Motor Life, More Power, More Run-Time, Milwaukee.

Do you own a Milwaukee tool?  Whether you are a professional or just the regular Do-it-Yourselfer there is a perfect Milwaukee tool for you.   Not only does Milwaukee out perform the rest, but they also have a 5-year warranty to back up their promises.

Take a look at this video and check out Milwaukee’s website for everything you will need to know about your next Milwaukee tool!  Stay updated with the latest and greatest by checking out Milwaukee Tools on Facebook.

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