How to: Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed and Grass Killer Plus

Roundup® Ready-To-Use Weed & Grass Killer Plus

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Overview & Benefits

Unique formula starts working to kill problem weeds and grass immediately. Kills the toughest weeds and grasses. Absorbs through the leaf and stem only so killing power won’t spread to non-target plants through soil. Convenient, no-mix formula. Rainproof in 10 minutes.

How to Use

Adjust nozzle to a coarse spray. Spray the weeds you want to kill until thoroughly wet. When spot-treating weeds in a flower or vegetable garden, shield desirable plants from drift with a piece of cardboard or plastic.

When to Apply

Apply when weeds are actively growing. Spray when air is calm to prevent drift to desirable plants.

Where to Use

Vegetable gardens. Use on patios, walkways, driveways, gravel and mulch beds, around shrubs or trees, in flower beds, or along fences.

Special Instructions

All ornamental flowers, trees and shrubs may be planted one day after application.

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