Advice from Hank – Removing Wallpaper

As the cold whether persists, you may want to work on some interior remodeling projects. Sometimes changing your wall’s color can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your room.

The following instructions details how to safely and efficiently remove Hank Ready to Remove Wallpaperwallpaper. Wallpaper creates obstacles and challenges upon its removal; however, with these instructions, you may find the process much less painful and time consuming.

Before you start stripping the wall paper, you want to clean a large area around the wall. If you might trip on something, you’ll want to get it out of the way. It’s dangerous to remove wallpaper while trying to sidestep furniture.

Next, you want to place cloths beneath the working area. These cloths will protect your floors. When you start a home improvement project, you don’t want to create other projects in the process. Isolate your project to the walls and don’t let the mess get out of control. All these preliminary tasks are in place to ease the stress.

Now, you’re ready to begin. Certain wallpaper is designed to simply peel away without a snag. However, many papers require the walls to be sized before application. If the walls were not sized properly, you may need to scrape, steam, scrub or sand where the wallpaper refused to disengage.

First, pick a corner or seam to get started. As a test, you want to pick a spot that’s out of the way. Take your putty knife or scraper and attempt to lift a corner of the wallpaper. Simply lift a corner of the wallpaper to see what mess it will leave behind. You picked a spot out of the way because you want to minimize the damage. If the paper removes poorly, you won’t have unsightly blemishes in the middle of your wall.

If you can’t peel the paper away or only the top layer peels, you can lightly score the paper with an exacto knife. This takes some finesse. You need to lightly score the paper because going too deep will damage the drywall or plaster. Cutting tiny slits in the paper allows the solution to soak in further.

You may use several different solutions, but each wall and paper are different. A solution, that successfully removed wallpaper previously, may not work this time. Certainly, you can purchase commercial solutions; however, that could get expensive. Vinegar works fairly well if you can handle the smell. In addition, some suggest using an ordinary household foaming cleanser. These cleansers contain stronger detergents and won’t run down the walls like other solutions.

Don’t hesitate to apply a healthy amount of any solution. Allow the solution to saturate the wallpaper as it will peel away easier.

A steam wallpaper removal system is a more costly alternative. If you need to remove a large amount of wallpaper, it might be worth it. However, they can be messy, awkward to handle and dangerous. If not used properly, they will cause nasty burns.

Once you’ve removed the wallpaper with solution, you may have a glue residue underneath. Scrap away as much of the glue as possible. If some remains, use sandpaper to remove the rest. Move to a coarser grade of sandpaper if necessary.

Removing old wallpaper is a difficult project. Commercial products work well; however, they’re expensive and can be harmful.  A steamer is effective, but again, it’s expensive and somewhat dangerous. The one guarantee: it’ll take some hard-work and effort to finish this project. However, with the steps outlined, maybe you’ll have as much fun as Hank removing wallpaper.


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