Advice from Hank – Removing Snow off your Roof

If you live in an area where it snows a lot, you may find yourself raking snow off your roof. Some homes are designed to keep snow off the roof; however, not all homes will keep snow off your roof. If it collects, it’s necessary for you to remove it. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your roof cleared quickly and safely.

HAN_0001-thumbsupFirst, you should purchase a snow rake. Visit your local hardware store for a snow rake and to receive additional information about how to clear your roof. You may need to assemble the rake before use.

After you assemble the rake, make a path around your house, so you can walk without struggling in the snow. You can either shovel the path or simply walk on the same path several times around your house. It will help compact the snow, so you can stand on it without falling into holes. It’ll make it easier to get snow off your roof if you’re not worried about the ground beneath you.

Finally, you’re ready to clear the roof. First, go for the easy stuff first. You can first get rid of the easier to reach snow, and then if you’re up for it, go after the snow way up on the roof.

I do the easy stuff first and then if I have the time and energy, I go after the hard stuff that is higher up. You don’t have to get all the snow. Just the excess that threatens the load-bearing capacity of the roof. It helps to leave the bottom-most layer of snow on the roof as this protects the shingles from damage by the snow rake.

Be aware that snow rakes destroy gloves. You may need to invest in a nice pair of gloves from Hardware Hank if you’re planning to do his project.

Snow raking can provide good exercise, but it’s also very necessary. Not only could your roof collapse under the weight of excessive snow, you also want to prevent ice from blocking the path of melting snow. That means, you should make sure your gutters are clear. If you have a build-up of ice in your gutters, that could act as a dam. If the weather warms, and snow melts on your roof, the water has no place to got but under your shingles. Then, you have a water problem. So, in addition to raking your roof, please make sure to clear your gutters so you don’t get any leaks in your roof.

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